The Team

Rose Mae Turner

Trend Analyst
Luda Orlova

Financial Analyst
Joe Goerbert

Primary Investor
Catherine M. Talano

Graphic Design
Eric Lower

Creative Direction
Jon Fab

Web Design
Chris Sentman of Webovator

Web Developer
Matthew Marks

Assistants/ Interns (Past & Present)
Nicole Barajas, Jackie Bedolla, Stephanie Break, Santay Coburn, Ashley Cox, Quanisha Daniels, Jazmin Gresham, Allison Guedes, Ellen Kozarits, Bree Lara, Nakeia Medcalf, Jessica Peden, Faith Perrin, Marie Shiroishi, Matte Sykes, Danielle White.

Various Event Sponsors: LabRabbit Optics, Egyptian Magic, The Zeebs, Solixir, VIP Premium Energy, Cobra Corn, Muk Designs, Juicy Luzy Sangria, Display Chicago, Brink Dwellers, Sugar Your Spice, The Art Trade, etc…

“Special Thanks to the many talented people I have had the opportunity to work with in the industry. And thanks to everyone that has contributed to the success of Rosina~Mae…” -Rose Mae Turner