Rosina~Mae is contemporary womens-wear that takes you “from the beach, to the street, to the party.”

Edgy swimwear and apparel ethically produced in the USA, Rosina~Mae has unique silhouettes and fabrics. The collection consists of wearable staples that mix and match. Many pieces are functional and can be worn in more than one way. A former competitive gymnast and recreational diver, Rose was familiar with spandex garments from a young age. Both her background in sports and love of architecture are evident in her design inspiration.

With each new collection produced, Rosina~Mae improves upon the textiles used while reducing the impact on the planet. In addition to being ethically produced, each piece has a sustainable feature. In 2015 we introduced an eco friendly techno fabric made with recycled polyamide and elastane into our collection. It’s comfortable and long-lasting. Italian made, It’s ethically produced, sustainable and comfortable! All garment production currently takes place in the USA… More specifically in the Garment District of NYC.

Named after her grandmothers, Rosina Maria Talano and
Bivea Mae Turner, Rose always admired the creative and talented
women in the family.

A writer at heart, Rose usually begins each of her collections with a story.
That story then shapes the whole mood and direction of each collection. Rose is inspired by streets of the city. Specifically, architecture and shapes catch her eye. She also finds
inspiration from dreams. Rose has learned not to wait for inspiration to occur, but rather seeks it and initiates it herself.

The Rosina~Mae customer… “She’s a witty, adventurous, rebel. She’s a socialite and a party girl. A nonconformist, she’s a true “fashionista” and also a mysterious sort of women, that when she walks into the room heads turn. She’s effortless and free… simply flawless. She’s a dreamer and an optimist. She feels just as hot and confident in bright colors as she does in black…. Everyone whispers in awe and wonders who she is and what it is about her that sets her apart. They all want to know her/ be her. She is the next IT girl… and on her way to superstardom!”

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